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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jul 14

Macalla honoured in sixth annual International Business Awards
"Macalla, leader and innovator in mobile payments solutions, has announced that it has earned a Certificate of Finalist Recognition in the category of Best New Product or Service of the Year - Computer Hardware or Software in the 2009 International Business Awards."

Yes to mobile banking, no to paying for it
"Despite 59 percent of consumers stating that online banking on their mobile phone is important to them, they are not willing to pay for it, KPMG's Global Consumers and Convergence survey reveals."

Mobile Banking Without Your Bank
"British consumers who want to conduct mobile transactions and P2P payments no longer have to wait for their bank to offer the functionality. A new disintermediator, dubbed MoBank and built by First Direct and Egg bankers Steve Townsend and Dominic Keen, now gives Apple iPhone users a broad range of mobile commerce functionality."

Bank Of Mexico Issues Rules For Mobile Payment Services
"The Bank of Mexico said Monday that it has issued rules for mobile payment services as part of a broader initiative by the central bank and the government to make financial services available to more people."

Mobile payments: Will Colombo keep its leadership in South Asia?
"A recent Central Bank (CB) statement that a framework for mobile payments would be finalized in 2009 raised much interest in financial and communication circles in the region. The press statement does not make the objectives absolutely clear but it is expected to be an advance on what is available today in the Sri Lankan market."

Mobile Marketing Security
"In less than 12 months, the Apple App Store has revolutionized the global mobile industry. It has helped usher in a new wave of applications and services which, combined with the greater availability of open mobile networks, lower mobile data costs and the wider variety of Smartphones, has helped create a new type mobile communications experience…one dominated by a new generation of content, entertainment and social networking."

Are you ready for small to be the new big?
"We’re all fashion victims. Mobiles are basically fashion accessories with electronics inside. Technology itself has fashions, at the moment the pendulum has swung towards thin architectures and cloud services for example. But at some point thick clients will return to stride the techno-catwalk again, and we’ll all rediscover how nice it is to have a user interface that isn’t a browser."

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