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Thursday, November 22, 2012

International Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 22

Rwanda: Mobile Banking Changes the Way We Do Business
"It was just a matter of seconds before Giovanni Higiro finished paying his fares to a motorcyclist, without touching his wallet. As if they were exchanging numbers, Higiro was able to pay Claude Habineza by transferring money from his mobile phone Mobile Money account to the motorcyclist's electronic wallet. Like Higiro, many people are now enjoying the new mobile banking products that now allow one to pay their bills and buy goods using their mobile phones. One can make payments of as little as Rwf100."

Ethiopia Permits Mobile Banking and Money Services
"Ethiopia is one of the last countries in Africa to permit mobile banking. Mobile banking has proved to be profitable in the developing world, where many people still do not use banks. Earlier this year, the World Bank reported that seventy-five percent of the world’s poor are “unbanked.” That is about two point five billion people. Banking through mobile telephones lets people take part in financial services even if they are not near a bank office."

Evolution of mobile payment
"Mobile phones have been a rapidly evolving channel for various payment systems, some bank-led and some agnostic of banks involving mobile operators. According to annual report by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on payment system trends in 2011-12, transactions pertaining to prepaid instruments (PPIs) to the tune of Rs 6,200 crore took place during 2011-12, and in the same period, mobile banking transactions to the tune of around Rs 1,820 crore were effected. These were outside of the national electronic clearing system that primarily covers internet-based funds transfer."

MTN Mobile Banking Ready to go Commercial
"MTN Ghana says it has been piloting Mobile Banking on its Mobile Money platform for a while now and it is now ready to go commercial with it. Head of MTN Mobile Money, Eli Hini told Adom News the service has been available to Fidelity Bank customers, and allowed users to move money from their mobile wallet into their bank account, and vice-a-versa; allow checking of bank balance, accessing mini statements and also allows cardless withdrawal of cash from some of Fidelity Bank’s ATMs."

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