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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 4

Image Processing Tech Limitations Could Stymie New Mobile Banking Apps
"Financial institutions have been experimenting for a few years with new and creative ways of taking advantage of smartphone cameras to provide mobile banking services. They started with mobile check deposit and have moved on to mobile capture of mortgage documents and drivers’ licenses."

Banks and telcos must partner for the long haul
"Partnerships between financial institutions and other firms such as telcos offer a chance to bring new services such as mobile banking and payments to millions of customers. But innovators should be prepared for the long haul, according a panel of senior industry representatives speaking this week."

As Windows 8 Launches, Banks Ready Mobile Banking Apps
"Financial institutions are readying apps for Microsoft's new, radically different Windows 8operating system for desktop, laptop and tablet devices, which officially launches today. Bank of America, the second-largest U.S. bank by assets, is one. 'We're developing an app for Windows 8 that will provide another convenient way for our customers to interact with Bank of America,' said a BofA spokesperson in a statement emailed to BTN. BofA's app is for PCs and tablets."

Consumers Share Their Mobile Banking Pet Peeves
"A vast majority – 72% – of U.S. adult smartphone users have encountered difficulty when trying to use a mobile banking app, research released this week has found. The survey of 600 smartphone users was conducted by The Adcom Group of Companies and commissioned by Virtual Hold Technology. Consumers shared their specific issues with mobile banking apps: 28% said the mobile app freezes or crashes, 26% have experienced a dropped internet connection while mobile banking, 25% said there were insufficient transaction details or filtering options, 21% said they could not easily speak to a customer service representative, 20% had problems opening an app, 19% have had problems logging in or setting up an app, 18% reported missing pending transactions or balance discrepancies, 17% said there were missing historic transactions, 16% have experienced delays due to payment fulfillment constraints, 15% were unable to schedule or modify payments or transfer funds, and the list goes on."

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