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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 7

80 Percent Of Consumers Say Mobile Banking Is Important
"Verve Mobile, a leading U.S. mobile advertising company specializing in location-powered solutions, announced today the results of a study conducted across 3,500 mobile publishers that use the Verve advertising platform. The study reinforces that consumers are not only comfortable and willing to use their mobile devices for banking activities; but that they expect more, easy-to-use mobile options from their financial institutions."

81% of largest financial institutions provide mobile banking services
"A report recently released by US-based management consulting firm, First Annapolis, has revealed that 81% of the largest financial institutions in the United States provide some form of mobile banking services. This demonstrates an 11% increase from last year. The report, entitled “2012 Mobile Banking and Payments Study”, found that 60% of the financial institutions provide some form of alert or accounts management functionality via text message (SMS), and 26% have also launched an application for tablets."

Why you can bank on mobile banking
"Several banking activities today can be carried out at the tap of the keys on your mobile phone. But for the uninitiated, the multiple ways of using the mobile phone for banking purposes can be difficult to decipher. Is SMS banking synonymous with receiving alerts for transactions? What is the advantage of using a mobile banking application on your phone over other mobile-based banking services? Is an IMPS transfer different from an NEFT transfer? Here's a low down on the services, their suitability and the costs involved."

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