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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 1

U.S. Bank Unveils Windows Phone Mobile Banking App
"U.S. Bank today became the latest bank to offer mobile banking apps for the Windows Phone. The Minneapolis-based bank said it has developed two apps for the phone -- one through U.S. Bank's Wealth Management division and the other through U.S. Bank Retail Payment Solutions. The apps, featured in the Windows Phone Store, are free and provide consumers with access to market and economic insights, as well as access to an instant credit application for the U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card."

Wincor Nixdorf Introduces Software to Bridge Mobile Banking and ATMs
"ATM manufacturer Wincor Nixdorf has joined competitors Diebold and NCR in producing a smartphone app meant to help consumers to save time at the ATM. The company, which is based in Austin, Tex., said Wednesday users can download the application, dubbed PC/EMobile Cash, to their smartphones, where it will allow them to find nearby ATMs and stage cash withdrawals and other transactions in advance."

Mobile Capture Comes To Small CUs
"The hot must-have technology in banking today has to be mobile remote-deposit capture, software that lets members take a photo of a check with a smartphone camera and, presto, it’s deposited into their account. The big rub thus far is that smaller credit unions have complained that mobile RDC is priced out of their budgets. But the news is that, suddenly, prices are getting pushed down, and an upshot is that a growing number of smaller financial institutions can now woo their members with the latest technology."

"There has been a transition in acceptance pertaining to mobile banking, but is it mainstream? Mainstream implies ubiquitous acceptance. In addition, mobile banking apps, from a technology standpoint are standalone, meaning that mobile banking is a separate and independent product interfaced only with the core banking application using a real-time interface."

A Shot in the Arm from Mobile Remote Deposit Capture
"Numerica Credit Union recently held what amounts to a happy hour at its branches, except instead of cocktails, people were given $5 checks and shown how to use phones to deposit those checks. The Spokane Valley, Wash., credit union was demonstrating mobile remote deposit capture (RDC), and has found that via marketing and education, the new tech can have a quick impact on business. Nearly 500 members used the service in the first month. These users deposited 928 items that came to a total of $303,000."

Mobile banking white paper offers strategies
"A new white paper offers consumers and businesses--including credit unions--information to support a mobile banking strategy, along with key trends, mobile banking best practices, and how to confront the biggest developmental challenges. "For a variety of reasons mobile banking has moved way beyond simple balance inquiries to include money transfers, both domestic and international; peer-to-peer payments; and even commercial payment processing," said the paper, "The Promise of Mobility: A Bank in Every Pocket." The paper is from Backbase, a New York-based mobile banking provider."

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