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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 29

Giving Community Bank Customers What They Deserve
"What do community bank customers want? It’s simple. In addition to the close, personal connection that’s so uniquely characteristic of community banks, they want the same thing consumers who bank at large, national financial institutions want – the next big thing. Whether it’s online banking, mobile banking or emerging digital payments, consumers expect their bank to offer the latest and greatest capability. The good news for community banks is that they can now deliver those solutions. The outdated assumption that community bank customers must choose high-touch service over high-tech capabilities overlooks the tools and technology now available to every banker."

 Malauzai Introduces Picture Pay Mobile Payment Solution
"Malauzai Software Inc., a leading provider of mobile banking SmartApps for community financial institutions, has launched Picture Pay™, a standalone mobile payment solution that enables users to complete payments via the camera on their mobile device. The new functionality is in use by $4.3 billion Abilene, Texas-based First Financial Bankshares, Inc. (NASDAQ-FFIN). “A surprising number of people do not use Internet banking bill pay because of the time it takes to set up billers” Picture Pay™, developed in conjunction with Fort Wayne, Ind.-based Allied Payment Network, allows users to complete a payment in three simple steps: take a photo of the bill statement, confirm the amount to be paid and submit the payment to the financial institution."

Global Mobile Consumer Survey shows increase in mobile banking
"MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce announced the results of its annual Global Consumer Survey, carried out in partnership with On Device Research that reveals the behaviour of mobile media users from across the world, giving data and intelligence into mobile engagement and purchasing habits."

Mobile Banking: An Overview of Apps at 15 Banks and Credit Unions
"Listening to music? Reading? Hurling revenge-crazed suicidal birds at egg-napping pigs? Banking? There’s an app for that. Mobile banking is all the rage nowadays, but not all mobile banking apps are created equal. NerdWallet examines the mobile banking apps at 15 of the largest financial institutions. A few of the largest institutions, including HSBC and SECU, do not have an app, although they both offer mobile websites."

Mobile banking: who do you trust with your finances?
"As experts in digital marketing, I am sure you were all aware that Thursday 8 November was World Usability Day -a world wide event celebrating the importance of in usability in the digital world. This year’s theme was financial services and few would argue that usability was anything other than vital in this market. My colleagues at System Concepts contributed a video of interviews with potential customers and some key players in the mobile financial market in which the two mobile financial services providers interviewed were Vodafone and O2. This set me thinking: Do we trust mobile companies to give us banking, more than we trust banks to give us mobile services?"

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