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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

International Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 13

Mobile banking expands to include microfinance
"Mobile banking in the Philippines is expanding into microfinance to serve the lower-income market outside of the country’s major urban centers. Tricia Dizon, head of financial services at Smart Communications, said in a statement the telecommunications giant was helping launch mBank Philippines."

Mobilink to launch mobile financial services
"Mobilink is all set to enter the mobile banking segment as Waseela Bank – sister concern of Pakistan’s largest cellular operator – has obtained central bank’s approval to launch Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in Pakistan, sources familiar with the matter said and the company’s spokesperson also confirmed on Tuesday. A subsidy of Orascom Telecom – Mobilink’s parent company – Waseela Bank is said to launch its MFS operations by December this year; the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issued the licence on Monday, according to sources."

Leading Pakistan Mobile Banking Provider Uses IBM Cloud
"The FINANCIAL -- IBM announced that Monet, one of Pakistan’s leading mobile-commerce providers, has selected a customized IBM cloud-based solution that will enable the company to enhance service efficiency and expand its presence across the country. Launched in 2012, Monet provides banks, mobile network operators and branchless banking agents in Pakistan with a technology platform that offers end-users a simple interface through which they can access a wide range of financial services on their mobile phones."

Mobile banking to overtake online
"More people will be banking on their mobile phones and tablets than online within five years, Westpac group executive, retail and business banking, Jason Yetton says. Mr Yetton said the explosive growth in mobile banking over the past two years, with more than 1.58 million Westpac customers using their devices for transactions, will accelerate. Westpac estimates that the number of payments made across its digital platforms will exceed one billion transactions within five years, with a total value of $6.8 trillion."

Good banking apps can make consumers jump ship: ANZ Bank
"The quality of a banking app can have the power to make consumers switch banks, according to ANZ Bank's Group General Manager for Innovation Peter Dalton. All the major Australian banks have poured money into customer-facing mobile application development as smartphone and tablet penetration continues to soar. Around one in 10 ANZ Bank customers do their banking exclusively on their mobile devices. Its competitors are all going through similar growth in mobile banking, with Westpac boasting 1.58 million customers engaging the bank through mobile devices."

Federal Bank rolls out mobile fund transfer facility to merchants
"Federal Bank has launched a funds transfer facility to merchants and enterprises through mobile phone. The Kochi-based private sector lender’s IMPS-Merchant Payment Service, in association with National Payment Corporation of India, will enable customers to use their mobile phones to access bank accounts and transfer funds."

PC Financial to launch a mobile banking app “in the upcoming months”
"While some Canadian banking institutions are already plugging away at mobile payments, PC Financial is wrestling with launching a mobile app. The Loblaws driven financial service, provided by CIBC, has approximately 2.3 million customers and some people have been requesting an app for months. Having a mobile banking app is basically standard these days. Offering simple features like checking account status, transfer funds, find ATM’s or contacting the closest branch makes the banking experience a more pleasant one."

Going mobile
"First National Bank customers are now able to track their spending habits, check their balance and make electronic bill payments from their smartphones. FNB has created an enhanced Online Banking System and also introduced Mobile Banking. 'For generations, personal service has been the signature of The First National Bank of Brundidge,' said John Ramage, senior vice president of FNB."

Use of Mobile Banking Continues to Grow: Canadian Bankers Association
"The Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) today released the results of its latest study on How Canadians Bank, which explores the role that modern technologies are playing in consumer banking. The results reveal that Canadians continue to embrace new approaches to banking and see these innovations as adding value to their daily banking. Going forward, the research suggests change will continue, driven by the convenience of the Internet, and led by younger generations who tend to be the first adapters."

Mobile Phones Empowering the Rural Poor through Mobile Banking
"Mobile phones are as numerous in Rwanda as the beautiful panoramic views of its famous 'Thousand Hills'. This was all the more confirmed as Vestine Nyirabagande, Urwego Opportunity Bank’s (UOB) client, sat with a mobile phone on her lap. She laughed when asked how many of her neighbors have mobile phones. 'I don’t think there is anyone in this area who doesn’t have a mobile phone!' she said."

St George customers getting smarter and smarter with their banking
"The St George Bank says it is seeing an “unprecedented demand” from its customers wanting to do as much of their banking as possible on their smartphones, and that more than 60,000 of its 400,000 mobile banking customers are already only using their smartphone to do their banking."

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