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Monday, September 2, 2013

Mobile Banking Security - Sept 2

Mobile banking risks revealed by FCA
"Fraud and mistakes on fiddly keypads could create problems for people who use banking services on their mobile phones, a regulator has said. Consumers transferring money should be careful to enter correct details on the smaller keypads, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said. They might also be using mobile banking late at night, which could affect their concentration when moving funds. The FCA is studying the potential risks to customers of mobile banking."

Cyber criminals crack two-factor bank authentications
"Users who swear by online banking are in for a shock as the McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2013 has divulged details about a banking malware that helps cyber criminals steal SMSes to get access to people’s accounts. The research also brings to light some entertainment and dating applications which are actually meant to carry out data theft. And a significant number of ransomware samples have also been found. As many as 3,20,000 of these were unearthed in the first two quarters of 2013."

Mobile Threat Monday: Nasty Adware And A Master Key Mystery
"This week, Mobile Threat Monday looks at two of the biggest concerns for Android right now: adware and the so-called Android master key. Both have grabbed lots of headlines on SecurityWatch and with good reason. Careful readers will recall that the Android master key is an exploit that allows a malware creator to spoof the digital certificate of a different Android app. The upshot is that an attacker could create a malicious Trojan app that mimics a legitimate app, and pass off the malware as the genuine article."

Warning on mobile banking fraud risk
"Mobile banking users have been urged to take greater care when downloading applications that allow them to access their accounts on the go. The City watchdog has launched a review into the fraud risks associated with mobile banking and payments as take-up of the technology grows."

McAfee has released data that shows that these are the largest concerns in the current wireless environment.
"According to a report that was just released by McAfee Labs, “backdoor” Trojans and banking malware, which steal information from a device without the awareness of the victim, were the greatest threats to smartphone and tablet users during the second quarter of 2013."

Mobile Trojan Defeats Dual Authentication
"A new cross-device mobile Trojan that already has targeted online-banking customers has been linked to the same group that waged the successful High Roller attacks last summer. So far, customers of several top-tier institutions in Northern Europe and a handful in the U.S. have been victimized. The attackers behind the malware are believed to be Russian."

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