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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mobile Banking Updates - Sept 3

How City Bank Gets New Mobile Banking Ideas to Market First
"Jim Simpson, CTO of City Bank Texas, explains how and why his community bank has been the first U.S. bank to go live with several new mobile banking tools."

Mobile banking catching on, especially with women
"We all, in varying degrees, are more and more living our lives on the go. So, things such as personal contact with your favorite bank manager or flirting with the cute teller at your financial establishment’s drive-thru window are becoming a thing of the past. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, a majority of adults in the United States bank electronically. And they aren’t just using the walk-up automated teller machines so popular in days past."

The age of mobile banking
"Faced with increasing challenges such as RBI regulations, demanding customers and recession over the past few years, the banking industry has been under considerable pressure to improve customer experience and reduce operating cost. They have responded to the market challenge by moving to a client-centric model by introducing innovative technologies to cater to the customer ranging from ATMs, SMS Banking, USSD banking etc."

Grandma Wants Online Billpay
"It’s a fallacy to assume seniors don’t want to use digital channels for banking. They just prefer to use personal computers over mobile devices. Low fees and convenient branch locations are the primary drivers for which accounts they select. Grandma might use her mobile phone to send and receive text messages from her grandkids, but she’s much less likely to want to use it to check bank balances or do other banking activities. She prefers completing those tasks at home in front of her desktop computer."

Using Mobile Tech to Solve Old-School Problem: Ordering Checks
"City Bank Texas has added a feature to its mobile banking app that further distinguishes the Lubbock community bank from its competitors: the ability to order checks. The app already includes a number of atypical capabilities that let people turn their debit cards on and off, increase their daily ATM withdrawal limit, unblock foreign transactions and pay bills using the smartphone's camera."

3 On Your Side: New Wave of Mobile Banking
"It’s the next wave of mobile banking. Not just paying your bills — but paying your friends right from your phone. 3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan explains how banking on-the-go is getting faster and easier. It’s clear money has gone mobile. People trade, pay bills and deposit checks from their phones. But how about splitting the check for dinner, paying the baby-sitter or the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn, simply by using your phone? No cash, no checks required."

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